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1100 Rene-Levesque

1100 Rene-Levesque

1100 Rene-Levesque



Final completion:

Oxford Propoerties Group

3 800 000 $


With the manifestation of numerous deficiencies and anomalies that were negatively affecting the performance of the curtain wall system of its 1100 René-Lévesque West building, in 2003 Oxford Properties Group retained DMA to investigate and research the various elements of the building envelope's condition. These studies' findings identified the source cause of the anomalies observed on-site and served to develop a strategic implementation plan for the corrective measures. The mandate included the preparation of working drawings and specifications, contract documents and also the supervision of the corrective work.
In parallel, DMA prepared a technical-legal expertise report for the purposes of litigation against the parties involved in the construction of the original curtain wall. In 2005, DMA also led a multi-disciplinary team to perform a building condition assessment as well as to develop of a thorough maintenance plan for the short, medium and long term. The curtain wall corrective work was directed by DMA and divided into two separate campaigns, the first in 2004-2005 and the second in 2008-2009.