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1550 Dr Penfield, Montreal

1550 Dr Penfield

1550 Dr Penfield, Montreal



Final completion:

Groupe Accueil International

2 800 000 $


In 2009, Groupe Accueil mandated DMA for the correction and repair of corrosion problems at the base of the curtain wall of a late 1960s multi-storey residential building located on Docteur-Penfield Avenue. Even though the building was 40 years old, the deterioration of the metal components seemed premature. DMA undertook a systematic intrusive investigation to examine the condition of the connections at the base of the curtain wall and to determine the source cause of the damage. The investigations revealed that there was a significant water infiltration beneath the concrete sidewalks and the roof terrace membrane that was reaching the base of the wall's metal components through capillary action.
In order to facilitate the owner's distribution of the corresponding capital investment over several years, DMA proposed dividing the repair work into 3 phases, beginning with the replacement of the roof terrace system at the rear courtyard of the building. The next phases of work, realized in 2012, include the completion of the roof terrace work at the front of the building and replacing corroded metal components at the base of the curtain wall.