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2020 University, Montreal

2020 University

2020 University, Montreal



Final completion:

Industrielle Alliance

20 000 000 $


L'immobilière Industrielle Alliance mandated DMA to perform a pre-purchase due diligence study of a building at 2020 University. This study provided a comprehensive description of the architectural components and a plan for future real asset maintenance work in the short, medium and long term. The study included a description of the as-found conditions, an analysis of building code compliance and a proposed scope of work with budgetary projections. The report emphasized interventions aimed conserving the value of the asset, providing a competitive offering in the office rental real estate market, ensuring stable operational costs, optimizing the life cycle of the building and ensuring continuing compliance with the applicable building codes and regulations.
In addition to the due diligence study, DMA also prepared a strategic redevelopment plan. The underground -floor levels had unusually high vacancy rates and required an innovative approach to enhance their market value. With the due diligence study and re-development plan in hand, L'Immobilière Industrielle Alliance moved forward with the acquisition of the building in the spring of 2011.

The mandate of the DMA comprise complete architectural services including feasibility study and sketch in the summer of 2011 and the start of the development of plans and specifications of the project in September 2012 for provisional delivery in December 2014. The redevelopment of six levels of the office tower follows the strategy of enhancement of second and third storeys by moving to the basement parking floors that were there, instead of vacant commercial premises and turn these stories into new office space. The main impact of the building’s redevelopment consisted in the complete replacement of the opaque architectural envelope of the basilar, once intended to conceal the presence of parking, by a transparent envelope to expose these stories to maximum natural light for the convenience of new users and also the replacement of an equivalent number of parking spaces, including ramps, in the basement. Obviously, this permutation resulted in the renewal of all electromechanical infrastructures of these six storeys.