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625 Belmont, Montreal

625 Belmont

625 Belmont, Montreal



Final completion:

MTS Allstream

1 691 870 $


The rehabilitation of the limestone facade of the building, located at the corner of Belmont and University streets in Montreal, resulted from concerns arising from the dislocation of some of the stone elements. As the building is highly visible due to its prominent location, the building's owner, MTS Allstream, wanted to improve the building's exterior appearance to better reflect the image of the company, in addition to ensuring a long term solution to address the deterioration that occurred over time and since a major transformation executed in 1987.
The project proposed repairs to the damaged limestone elements as well as interventions to correct the deficiencies to the masonry system and the water tightness of the fa├žade's components ( flashing, window frames and sills, etc.) One of the biggest challenges was to identify an implementation strategy to control the costs of the work while proceeding without a precise diagnosis of the causes of the observed problems, all the while meeting the yearly budgetary allocations.