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Michele Provost Academy, Montreal

Michele Provost Academy

Michele Provost Academy, Montreal



Final completion:

Michèle Provost

2 400 000 $


In order to meet the new government standards for physical education, Académie Michèle-Provost school, located on Pine Avenue on the slopes of Mount Royal, needed to build a gymnasium at the back of its property. The gymnasium was designed to be continuous with the basement level, the lowest floor level of the building. Because of the slope of the land, the back of the project was underground while the front, which is closest to the north façade of the existing building, was slightly exposed. The two side facades were treated as walls integrated into the landscape, connecting the building with the mountain. An exterior playing field was built on the roof of the gymnasium, which is higher than the adjacent land but below the level of Steyning Road behind. The strip of land between Steyning Road and the school yard was re-planted with trees while the section adjacent to the play area was terraced with wood beams thereby maintaining the profile of the land yet increasing the size of the play area. The resulting building respects the slope of the mountain and provides a safe place for the student’s exterior recreational activities.