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Aluminium Smelter Shawinigan

Aluminium Smelter Shawinigan

Aluminium Smelter Shawinigan



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Cité de l'Énergie de Shawinigan et Musée des Beaux Arts du Canada

6 500 000 $


Pellerin Rainville et Tremblay

- Winner of the OAQ's «Choix du Public» 2005 Award of Excellence, Architectural Reconversion, 2005
- Finalist, OAQ Award of Excellence, Architectural Reconversion, 2005
- Gold medal, Outside the Box Awards, magazine national Building, 2005

The Contemporary Art Centre in Shawinigan began as a result of an opportunity that presented itself to the National Gallery of Canada, to transform the large industrial buildings no longer used by Alcan, for the display of its collection of very large sculptures. To allow for this transformation, DMA developed a strategy to upgrade the spaces, where the existing structures were modified without a major intervention while respecting the statement of heritage value and ensuring a secure and suitable environment for the conservation of the works of art.
Constructed of corrugated aluminum siding, the new walls that separate the public and technical support spaces, recall the site’s industrial past and are the only indication of the architectural intervention. These walls are witness not only to the continuity of the history of the site but also its renewal. The light that passes through the large windows and the presence of the extra large format works of art complete the transformation of the spaces and reinforce its spectacular character.