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Library of Parliament of Canada, Ottawa

Library of Parliament

Library of Parliament of Canada, Ottawa



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Travaux Publics Canada

78 000 000 $


Ogilvie and Hogg et Spencer R. Higgins and Lundholm Associates

- Quebec Order of Architects (OAQ) Award of Excellence, 2009
- Winner of the Ontario Association of Architects (OAA) Design Excellence Award, 2008
- ACECP award of excellence, Restauration of patrimonial building, 2008

The Library of Parliament first opened its doors in 1876. It was subsequently modified in 1953 following a major fire. Its exceptional architectural quality and prominent place on Parliament Hill makes it Canada's best example of the Neo-Gothic High Victorian Style.
The mandate awarded to DMA (in consortium) consisted of the conservation and rehabilitation of this remarkable building. The work included the replacement of the roof, the restoration of the windows, the stabilization of the load-bearing masonry walls, the renovation of the interior spaces, the replacement of the obsolete mechanical and electrical systems, and the conservation of the interior finishes. To provide additional space for the books and the mechanical systems, it was necessary to excavate 13metres in depth into the rock underneath the building and the building services were then distributed vertically concealed from view. The preservation of the heritage character of the Library of Parliament inspired a conservation strategy for the design of the interventions that did not depend on thoughtless imitation.