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Fraser Hickson Library, Trinity Memorial Church

Fraser Hickson Library

LFraser Hickson Library, Trinity Memorial Church



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In 2009, the Fraser-Hickson Institute sold its Notre-Dame de Grace facility and planned to relocate its services to a smaller facility in order to reduce its operating costs over the long term. DMA developed a proposal to relocate the Institute's Library into the basement of the Trinity Church allowing the church to modernize its own facility (with the addition of a new elevator and an upgrade to its heating systems) and reduce its own operating costs.
The project was designed as two phases. First, in the short term, the main reading room would be installed at the basement level of the church. The second phase would take advantage of the development potential permitted by the zoning regulations, and was planned to include the expansion of the library on the land adjacent to the church, with its own separate address and entrance.
This project, a good example of optimizing a religious heritage real estate asset, is still under study and is currently at the financing stage.