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Renovation and expansion - Maisonneuve Library (Competition)

Renovation and expansion - Maisonneuve Library (Competition)



Final completion:

Ville de Montréal - Borough of Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve

11 M$


In 2017, the City of Montréal launched a multidisciplinary architectural competition to reflect on the creative transformation of a 19th century building into a modern and modern library.

The concept proposes a link between the urban scale and the more intimate scale of neighbourhood life. It exploits, in symmetry, both sides of the historic building set back from Ontario Street to form a backdrop that feeds a public space in continuity with the sidewalk, the Promenade Ontario and the square in front of the Maison de la culture. The three built volumes, which house the various functions, are linked by a connective path that is punctuated with event spaces to animate the library.