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- OAQ Award of Excellence, 1995
- Winner of the multidisciplinary concept proposal competition, 1992

The winning entry of a multi-disciplinary competition, the project was originally intended to house an Environmental Monitoring Centre within the structure of the United States Expo '67 Pavilion, vacant since 1976. Using the metaphor of a ship in a bottle, the new structure was inserted into the famous geodesic dome designed by R. Buckminster Fuller and occupying a system of floating platforms designed by the Boston firm of Cambridge Seven. In addition to adhering to the ICOMOS conservation principles, the project also incorporated as early as 1992, innovative principles of environmentally sustainable design by introducing a full spectrum of technical systems and materials that are now considered the foundation of sustainable architecture. Ever since the commissioning of the facilities, DMA, part of the original team with BFABG, has also been responsible for several subsequent modifications, as the mission and program of the Biosphere has evolved. In addition, DMA received mandates in 2007 and 2009 for the elaboration of a Development Master Plan for the complex.