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Bronfman Pavilion

Bronfman Pavilion



Final completion:

McGill University

3 200 000 $


The redevelopment of the Bronfman Building’s fifth floor at McGill, was achieved by prioritizing the quality of the work environment. This floor houses the administrative offices, faculty offices, doctoral student’s offices and includes two multi-purpose rooms for research. The planning process was complex because every closed office required a window and those exceeded the available quantity. The solution, developed in conjunction with the client, was to share light through glazed interior walls, which achieved the program objectives to the clients’ satisfaction. The quality of the spaces was provided by better acoustic separation and by visual openings aligned with the primary circulation that greatly improves spatial orientation. The redevelopment also includes related service areas; toilets and a kitchenette. Due to the configuration of mechanical systems, the scope of work had to be extended to adjacent storeys. The work was carried out while the rest of the building remained occupied; therefore the control of noise, dust and waste management was fundamental.