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FSTQ Head Office

FSTQ Head Office

FSTQ Head Office



Final completion:


6 300 000 $


This project included the renovation and re-design of the QFL's 16 storey Fonds de Solidarité tower located in Montreal to accommodate its resources and to regroup and consolidate its services and facilities.>br />The work consisted of completely re-designing the office interiors (140 000 square feet in area) on 11 of the 16 floors of the tower while ensuring conformity to the building codes and regulations.
In addition, the project team also worked to solve the organisation's significant image and visitor perception issues by re-organizing and re-designing the main entrance lobby and adding escalators to allow investor clients, the general public and personnel to quickly and easily access the desired services and departments. The redesign created a more welcoming and open environment and optimized circulation while still meeting security requirements.