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Lionel Groulx College, Student’s commons and Nature wing

Lionel Groulx College, Student’s commons and Nature wing



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Collège Lionel Groulx

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Lionel Groulx College was added to over the years to form a complex where each new wing extended from the original building, creating a series of unused interior courtyards. The project of the Agora and the new Science Wing are the two lasts steps planned under the Space Planning document in order to answer the need for additional spaces while recreating the functional links between the diff erent wings. The Agora project creates a large multi-functional space for student activities. Because of the courtyard’s central location, it became a circulation node, optimizing the links between functions between the diff erent teaching wings and allowing the students to orient themselves spatially within the College. The objective of the new Science Wing was to gather together the natural sciences program’s teaching facilities in modern and functional spaces. The building consists of teaching laboratories for chemistry and biology, preparation rooms, and two animal facilities. The design of the new structure refreshes the whole complex and allows for generous window openings, while still respecting the building’s existing colours and materials. Silver Leed accreditation.