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Eaton Centre

Eaton Centre

Eaton Centre



Final completion:

IvanhoƩ Cambridge

2 500 000 $

February 2014

In 2010, DMA is selected following an architectural competition for the renovation of the Montreal Eaton Centre entrances. The proposed concept is designed to meet the following objectives:
- A strategy to display and increase visibility on Ste-Catherine Street.
- An effective multi-scale signage strategy to be adapted to the seasons through the use of programmable LED lighting.
- A unity and continuity in the architectural expression of the different entrances of the urban mall.
- The creation of a new threshold which focuses the scale of the faƧade at the entrance and forms an urban space that marks the transition between inside and outside. The lit frames become the new signature for the Montreal Eaton Centre.
The project includes the replacement of the vestibule doors, frames and finishes. With the addition of a sign at the top of the building, these interventions transforms the buildings signage and contributes to the liveliness of the downtown core.