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Rockland Centre

Rockland Centre

Rockland Centre



Final completion:

IvanhoƩ Cambridge

7 000 000 $


The work undertaken by DMA at the Rockland Centre (Phases 4 and 5) was guided by the marketing development strategy for its new brand identity and consisted of rebuilding each of the mall's entrances with the objective of increasing visibility and in turn reinforcing the commercial identity of the shopping centre.
This identity, relies mainly on the new logo and emphasizes a understated, simple elegance to distinguish itself. In this context, each entrance is a clean glass box with a backdrop of white metal cladding that serves as a transition to the structure immediately adjacent and attracts the eye by contrasting with the brick cladding. The complete re-design of the exterior signage was also part of the project including re-drafting and implementing new regulations, negotiated jointly with the Town of Mount Royal and the Ministry of Transport.