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Collège Maisonneuve - Interior reorganization and fit out

Interior reorganization and fit out



Final completion:

Collège Maisonneuve

2.17 M$


This transformation at Collège Maisonneuve covered a total area of 1,400 m2 and involved 4 sectors: 1) The Registrar's Office 2) the Individual Educational Assistance Service (IAPS) and the Student Assistance Service, 3) the Documentation/ Guidance Centre, 4) the offices of the « Centre collégial de développement de matériel didactique » and finally, common areas.

The objective of this mandate is to meet the growing need for spaces adapted to students with learning difficulties. This included quiet and isolated areas for exams, well soundproofed rooms, individual and learning spaces. Comfort and conviviality are at the heart of the design. A bright environment is achieved with the generous use of glass with and without colouring effect. Wood doors and windows contribute to the the notion of comfort and warmth.