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Supreme Court of Canada

Supreme Court of Canada

Supreme Court of Canada



Final completion:

Travaux Publics Canada

18 000 000 $


Originally built in 1951, it was resolved in the late 1980s to proceed with a fire and life safety building code up-grade, to replace the copper roof, to make the building accessible barrier-free and most importantly to reorganize the library to accommodate its over 500 000 volume to insure the preservation of the foremost library collection of civil and common law in Canada.
Originally, the library occupied only the south part of the third floor. Problems with accessibility and lack of space had made this original design layout inadequate for a library of this importance. The main objectives of the project were to optimize the space within the building, to meet the program proposed by the Library, to design the new spaces in harmony with the stately character of the building and to better integrate the Library within the functioning of the court, including creating a direct connection to the Grand Entrance Hall on the ground floor.