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Douglas Hall

Douglas Hall

Douglas Hall



Final completion:

McGill University

$ 9,400,000


Built in 1937, the Douglas Hall is one of McGill's student residences located at the base of Mont-Royal at the north end of the campus. The project involves the rehabilitation and restoration of the building envelope and the renovation of public interior spaces. The restoration work includes the replacement of damaged stones, repointing and repair of existing stones and cornices and the waterproofing of foundation walls. Slate roofs and their copper flashings were also replaced, integrating new snow guards and sloped roof ventilation to remedy ice accumulation problems. In addition, the project includes restoration of exterior light fixtures and various metal works, replacement of all existing doors and windows, and replacement of exterior wood moldings and trims to bring back its original appearance. A compliance with the standards was also carried out for the conformity of exits and means of egress.