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Jean-Bernard Building

Jean-Bernard Building

Jean-Bernard Building



Final completion:


Groupe Accueil International

7 500 000 $


- Canadian Institute of Steel Construction (CISC) Green Buildings Excellence Award, 2006

In 2004, Groupe Accueil International planned to transform a mostly vacant shopping centre, located on Beaumont Avenue in the Town of Mount Royal, into a centre for health professionals and other health services.
The existing steel structure was re-used and raised to allow for another storey to be inserted on the existing foundations. Architecturally, the main challenge was to redefine the image of the building and to connect it with the adjacent buildings thereby creating a cohesive whole. The envelope was re-clad with concrete panels and acrylic coating with bands of windows and curtain wall.
The strategic placement of the service spaces and exit stairs, allowing for several different configurations of future tenant layouts, ensured maximum flexibility and prioritized the design of the building's main fa├žade and its visibility from the street.