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Galerie du gouverneur SAQ

Galerie du gouverneur SAQ

Galerie du gouverneur SAQ



Final completion:

Société des alcools du Québec

3 400 000 $


The Galerie du Gouverneur project is an expansion of the SAQ's head office complex, at the site of the old Pied-du–Courant prison. In addition to the administrative functions, the project accommodates new promotional activities for the crown corporation. Within a common infrastructures, it accommodates two distinct sets of activities : a public display space for the SAQ's vintage collection cellar respecting optimal conservation conditions and an exhibition space commemorating the 1837-1838 rebellions.
With the goal of respecting the heritage character of the site and creating a connection between the Maison du Gouverneur and the head office building, the proposed concept included a new underground structure, entirely concealed with landscaping. Due to this new structure, underpinning and stabilizing the existing foundations of the old prison was necessary. Two skylights pierce the lawn covering the project, bringing natural light into the underground spaces and giving the users a view to the exterior and to the old prison building.