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Les Jardins-Prince-Arthur

Les Jardins-Prince-Arthur

Les Jardins-Prince-Arthur



Final completion:



3 000 000 $


- Vincent Massey Medal, 1975

In 1969, breaking with the urban development trends of the times, DMA envisioned the revitalization of a downtown Montreal neighbourhood through the re-use and renovation of a number of existing buildings; together, six properties, including five Victorian townhouses and a vacant lot, became the development of 35 residential units, known today as "Les Jardins Prince Arthur".
The Victorian houses were renovated emphasizing their original architecture and an infill project on the vacant lot was integrated into the whole using sober and modern architectural language. On the interior, all of the important original architectural elements were conserved. The wood components of the stairways, the ceiling and wall mouldings, the crafted doors, the wood shutters and the floor marquetry were all restored, serving as reminders of the 19th century style. In addition, the original wood structure and the brick and stone masonry were exposed giving a unique character to the residential units. The project was awarded the Vincent Massey Medal in 1976.