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Burnside Hall, McGill University

Burnside Hall, McGill University

Burnside Hall, McGill University



Final completion:

Université McGill

3 074 000 $


This mandate consisted of the installation of a sprinkler system and fire hose connections as well as the replacement of the fire alarm panel and its components, on each of the 16 floors of the tower. In addition, the fire separations required by the regulations were checked and supplementary measures such as the replacement of doors and the closing of certain openings was undertaken. The redesign of two floors was also necessary to improve access to the exits. In order to accelerate smoke evacuation from the building, the windows on each floor were replaced with windows operable by the fire department, in case of fire. To allow for the exhaust of smoke from the basement levels, a ventilation outlet was installed nearby, using materials similar in appearance to the adjacent surfaces.