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Parc Residence, McGill University

Parc Residence, McGill University

Parc Residence, McGill University



Final completion:

University McGill

2 500 000 $


In 2004, McGill University took the first step towards increasing the number of student residence units with the acquisition of the Hotel du Parc located at 3625 Park Avenue in Montreal, part of the Place du Parc Complex.
The implementation schedule was very aggressive in order to meet the deadline of the beginning of the academic year in September 2004 and the project included the conversion of some existing hotel rooms on each floor into other services (kitchenettes, study halls and lounges) as well as the re-design of the hotel's restaurant into a cafeteria. The mandate also included the interior signage. DMA was involved in the project from the pre-acquisition due diligence report at the beginning and later collaborated on the development of the implementation strategy and budget planning, plans and specifications and construction contract administration.