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Chateau Ramezay Museum

Chateau Ramezay Museum

Chateau Ramezay Museum



Final completion:

La société d'archéologie et de numismatique de Montréal

2 300 000 $


The renovation of the Chateau Ramezay Museum, a classified historic site, was executed in two phases. The first phase included the restoration of the building envelope in order to protect the important collection and the preservation of the interior, which is considered one of the best examples of urban domestic architecture from the French regime.
The second phase involved the functional use of the museum, including the museum's lighting, the fire protection system for the entire building and the conservation of the architectural features and the re-design of the offices. The objective of the project was both to implement the conditions required for the museum of fulfill its role in conservation and to restore some of the building's important architectural elements such as the wood and stone floors, the roof beams, the stone walls, some of the doors and finally the wood floors that date back to the house's original construction.