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Final completion:

Nordia Inc.

2 000 000 $


The Nordia Inc. telecommunications company, wanted to install an 18 000 square foot call centre on the 4th floor of the building at 555 Cremazie Boulevard so that they could offer 24 hour telephone service to an institutional client based in California.
The project was fast-tracked and from the signing of the lease in mid-July to being fully operational (including a period for start-up and training) completed in less than four months. With the use of a system of movable partitions, suspended from the floor above, the call centre could be reconfigured at any time into a series of training rooms of 15 stations each, without disturbing or disrupting operations.
In addition to the 80 station call centre, the programme also included a training room, cloak rooms, a lounge and a cafeteria for the employees. The capacity of the mechanical systems for the building needed to be increased necessitating an additional mechanical room and a secondary security access system was required to allow for the call centre to be operational outside of regular building hours. A new generator was installed on the roof of the exterior parking.