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Pierrefonds Library

Pierrefonds Library

Pierrefonds Library



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Pierrefonds-Roxboro District

13 850 000 $


Chevalier Morales

- Award of excellence Canadian Architect 2014
- Winner of the architectural competition

The project of the library is anchored in a reflection drawn from the urban planning of the city of Pierrefonds, more specifically from a drawing that represents the ideal green space in the borough. The area divisions into zones according to age and activities of this drawing fueled the creative development process. The design is inspired by the typology of shopping malls, these centers are typical of the Montreal suburb and have a lot in common with the organization of a public space in a library. The project’s scheme, with its ‘wings’ merging into a meeting space, a crossing network of stairways, openings in the floor allowing visual connection as well as a civic space, is inspired by the shopping mall typology. One of the ideas of the project is that the library act as a social catalyst, it offers meeting, promenade and become the place for special events in a place that becomes "the 3rd space". Finally, the project is formed by the constraints of the site; the walls are glazed towards the Millennium wood, the shape advances towards Pierrefonds Boulevard to demonstrate its urban presence, the existing green islands are preserved and green areas are enhanced.