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J. A. Bombardier Pavilion

J. A. Bombardier Pavilion

J. A. Bombardier Pavilion



Final completion:

In consortium with:


University of Montréal

52 000 000 $



- Finalist, Quebec Order of Architects (OAQ) Award of Excellence, New Institutional Projects, 2005
- Award of Excellence - Canadian Architect Magazine, 2002

The J. Armand Bombardier Building of the Ecole Polytechnique of Montreal is an ultra-modern building. Dedicated to applied research, it constitutes a science and technology centre of international standing aimed at the integration of science and industry. This new five storey building is 18 970 square metres in area of which 6000 square metres are laboratories. Laboratory modular units are ringed by offices and separated from each other by an atrium illuminated with natural light with from a sky-light and large window openings. The building also houses two levels of underground parking excavated into the rock and almost 400 m2 of service space. The building envelope of the concrete structure is composed of glass and brick cladding.
Subsequently, the Ecole Polytechnique hired DMA for the development of a nano-robotics laboratory suite in an unfinished empty space. This research facility uses magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology using laboratory animals, thereby necessitating the development of related facilities for animals and ancillary services.