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DMA’s team was commissioned by CBC / Radio-Canada (in collaboration with CIM) to complete the functional and technical program (FTP) of the new Maison Radio-Canada for the development of a completely revised program for the facilities contemplated on the corner of Papineau and René-Lévesque. DMA was involved more particularly in defining the r requirements and goals of CBC/Radio-Canada with respect to the values to be carried and expressed in the design and in the analysis of functional and technical requirements relevant to the overall planning and fit-up of the facilities. These studies were carried out in close cooperation, consultation and discussion with the various divisions of the CBC/Radio-Canada whose use the new Maison Radio-Canada is intended to serve and in the context of the emergence of new television, radio and internet production and broadcasting technologies. DMA also acts as a consultant and technical support for project management and the design/build proposals process. The project is in progress and currently planned for completion in 2018.