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Final completion:

Rahman Esmaili

700 000 $


The Sharx Pool Hall was built in a 16 000 square foot space formerly occupied by Pascal's hardware store, on the basement level of the Faubourg St. Catherine tower. The space is accessed by escalators with glass sides that descend parallel to the bar that is adjacent to a reception area furnished with custom made low tables and comfortable chairs.
Extending from these spaces are two large games rooms sub-divided into smaller more intimate zones, defined by the built-in furniture, accent lighting and exposed structural and mechanical building elements. Cold rolled steel protected by a transparent lacquer finish was used as the material for the new furniture elements such as the tables, bar, coat racks, pool cue racks and the lighting fixtures. A false ceiling was designed over the bar, detailed with curved steel elements, that frame perforated steel sheets allowing light to pass through. The warehouse doors of the old hardware store were re-used as doors to the washrooms.