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Sulpicians St-François-Xavier Street

Sulpicians St-François-Xavier Street

Sulpicians St-François-Xavier Street



Final completion:

Fabrique de la paroisse
Notre-Dame de Montréal

2 940 000 $


This group of buildings consists of three structures, all originally designed by Henri-Maurice Perreault, listed as follows in chronological order by date of construction: Sulpicians I from 1860, Sulpicians II from 1870 and Sulpicians III from 1874. In 2007, DMA was retained by the Order with the mandate to undertake a major rehabilitation and restoration of these three heritage buildings. The objective was to convert the existing spaces into lodging for the Sulpician priests. The project included completely gutting and redesigning the interiors, modernizing the elevator, and restoring the building envelope including replacement of the double-hung wood windows with new ones that replicated the heritage character and profile.
The buildings are located in the historic borough of Old Montreal, which is considered of exceptional heritage value and protected by provincial law (1964-01-08) and the City of Montreal by-laws.