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UPA Head Office

UPA Head Office

UPA Head Office



Final completion:

Union des producteurs agricoles du Qu├ębec

12 000 000 $


This project was to build a 100 000 square foot expansion in response to the growing demand for office space for the members of the Union des Producteurs Agricole and to connect and integrate it with an existing 72 000 square foot building.
The proposed architectural concept for the expansion was inspired by the architecture of the existing building though each one has its own unique character. The brick masonry base is extended and the service area was expanded to incorporate the additional requirements. The new volume built with pre-cast concrete relates to the existing building through its colour and its treatment in horizontal bands but is detailed using a distinct vocabulary and it also has larger windows to better meet current office standards. The parking is designed on two levels, within the brick masonry base with landscaping hiding the cars from the main facade.