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Claire-McNicoll Pavilion

Claire-McNicoll Pavilion

Claire-McNicoll Pavilion



Final completion:

University of Montréal

4 800 000 $


Originally erected in 1965, the Claire-McNicoll Building was built as a block of classrooms serving the entire university campus. The goal of the renovation project was to implement a functional program conforming to current specifications for teaching spaces and auditoriums by improving the acoustic performance and the indoor air quality and by optimizing and ensuring that the spaces conformed to building codes and regulations.
To achieve this goal, two new building glazed entrances were constructed allowing natural light to penetrate into the renovated spaces and updating the building’s exterior facades conveying a contemporary feeling and a sense of openness to the surroundings.
The work consisted of a re-design of the interiors and a complete refurbishment of the building’s electrical and mechanical systems. The construction stage of the project was restricted to the 16 week academic break between the winter and fall semesters. The Campus planning regulations and the complex approval process imposed severe scheduling constraints during the design phase. These were integrated into the project schedule.