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City of Fermont

City of Fermont

City of Fermont



Final completion:

In consortium with:

Quebec Cartier Mining

200 000 000 $


Norbert Schoenauer

Located on the 53rd parallel, the town of Fermont was developed between 1969 and 1976. The iron ore industry was booming, and the Quebec Cartier Mining company was in continuing expansion of its activity at the Mount Wright site, 200km to the north of the old town of Gagnon.
Inspired by a concept developed by Swedish architect Ralph Erskine the town was laid out behind the shelter of a wind-screen wall 1.3km in length. This 6 storey mixed-use linear building incorporated institutional, civic and social functions.
The town was built on flat area, bordered by a lake to the south. This site was ideal for developing a town plan adapted to the constraints of the sub-arctic climate. The objective of the overall site planning strategy as well as the construction of a screen wall was to shelter two-thirds of the town from the prevailing wind, develop a micro-climate, control snow-drifting and to optimize circulation.
In 2010, for the television series, Écroux et Boulons, DMA was invited to re-think the construction of the wind-screen wall in order to incorporate up-to-date strategies of northern architecture.