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at 3970

  • Honest and stimulating

    We are located in an industrial building dating back to 1895, in the heart of the Sud-Ouest borough, a booming neighbourhood on the banks of the Lachine Canal, near the Atwater market and Place Saint-Henri metro station. The historic yet modern character of our offices inspires creativity and collaboration. Nearby parks, cafés, restaurants and bars, all within walking distance, add to the overall experience of working at DMA.

  • Competitive benefits

    At DMA, we do more than encourage mobility. We have made significant investments to make telework function harmoniously for all. To promote work/life balance, all our employees have access to their documents, software and servers 24 hours a day. We sincerely believe that you will be happier and more efficient by offering this flexibility in times of need. We trust the talent and sense of responsibility of our employees to achieve the best results, and that's why we offer them the means to achieve it.

    To get you to work, we also offer:
    • A corporate subscription to Communauto and Automobile to help you get around.
    • A contribution to your Opus card subscription.
    • Keys and helmets for Bixi.
  • Wages on par

    At DMA, each person is encouraged to give the best of themselves. In exchange, we recognize their talent and efforts by offering them exceptional working conditions along with a salary that reflects their value on the job market.

    We are aware of the contribution of each and every one of our employees. Junior employees collaborate on an equal footing with senior employees. There is no rigid hierarchy because we want to foster collaboration and optimize results for our clients. We believe that our employees are the cornerstone of our success, therefore, we treat them with care and respect.

  • Our playgrounds

    Our social committee

    From themed happy hour events each month to recreational activities at lunchtime, and without forgetting the not-to-be-missed summer and end-of-year festivities, our social committee gives you the opportunity to contribute to the high-spirited DMA ecosystem.

    Our green committee

    For its part, our Green Committee is implementing numerous initiatives to reduce waste and paper consumption to improve our work environment. They also work toward developing better practices for our projects.

    Our technical committee

    Whether it's improving templates for official documents or proposing processes to achieve ISO standards, the members of our technical committee work on a voluntary basis to recommend improved ways of working to enhance the quality of our work.

To put forward bold design, backed up by strong know-how, we need creative, engaged, reliable and motivated people. At DMA, we believe that great ideas are likely to come from any team member.

Therefore, our project teams are adaptive, allowing everyone's inventiveness and talent to express themselves, fostering a positive environment and resulting in great designs. Does this speak to you? Send us your resume or portfolio to:

Open positions

  • Intermediate Architect

    DMA is recognized for its expertise in converting, enhancing and upgrading existing buildings. For 25 years, we have been designing educational spaces, particularly teaching laboratories or scientific research facilities, for both the public and private sectors.

    If you have laboratory projects in your portfolio, it is an asset for us. We are looking for a dynamic intermediate architect who is passionate about working with existing buildings.

    To discuss the position, please call Jean-Olivier at 514 288-4251 ext. 270 or email us at We would be very happy to consider your future at DMA.

    DMA - Savoir oser. Savoir faire.

    Development plans
    Implementation plans

    Minimum of 5 years experience
    Experience in laboratory projects (an asset)

    Surrounded by a dynamic and experienced team
    Remote work, in situ, in the office, any or all of the above
    Various committees to get involved in.

  • Intermediate Technologist - Building envelope

    If the answer is yes, this is the place. At DMA, we have many complex and challenging envelope projects. We believe that no one is immune to a good idea, which is why we form progressive teams that allow everyone's inventiveness to express itself.

    Advanced technical design, innovation in building envelopes, if these words resonate for you, join us to create with pleasure and audacity.

    Call Ano at 514 288-4251 ext. 240 or email us at We would be very happy to consider your future with DMA.

    DMA - Savoir oser. Savoir faire.

    Analysis of existing conditions
    Envelope design

    Minimum 7 years experience
    Experience in building inspection

    Surrounded by an experienced team
    Remote, on-site and in-office work, an opportunity to get out and about.

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