Our firm

50+ employees, one shared philisophy


It's about having the courage to embrace new concepts. Challenging complexity through creativity. Proposing beauty. Imagining the unimaginable. Never being afraid of your own ideas.

It's about having knowledge. Mastering techniques to leverage one's talent and experience. Knowing how to work based on best practices. Never being afraid to push the limits.


Our experience

We are a company that has developed an incomparable expertise in the enhancement and upgrading of existing buildings. Since our foundation, our reputation has been built on our methodology, our tenacity, our knowledge of the built heritage, and our avant-garde creativity that have allowed us to propose projects, both transformational and new construction, which enriches our urban fabric.

Our credo

We like a job well done. And our clients know it. We build adapted teams that bring together the right talent at the right time for each project. Our strength lies in our ability to bring together experience, creativity and new technologies to meet evolving changing challenges. As pioneers in sustainable development, we can design the architectural projects of tomorrow.


If you are looking for a company where you will enjoy collaborating on different projects, working with genuine, frank and open people, where you will have space to grow in inspiring offices in the heart of the Saint-Henri district, send us your resume.

The architectural firm DMA, founded in 1957, has over the years developed work methods and fields of expertise capable of responding effectively to all forms of preliminary project mandates and subsequent architectural services.

Our team

DMA’s DNA is our people. It's not only management, but all the employees who shape our firm. From architects to technologists to all our support staff, everyone is a building bloc that shapes our office.


Colin J. Hanley

Architect, Partner

François Lemoine

Senior Architect, Partner

Philippe Ashby

Architect, Partner

Jozef Zorko

Senior Architect, Partner

All 50 Architects 29 Technologists 13 Administration 8
Amélie Paquin
Architect, OAQ, PA LEED (BD+C) apaquin@dma-arch.com
Andrea Chiodo
Graduate in architecture achiodo@dma-arch.com
Ano Khatcherian
Senior Architectural Technologist, PMP anokhatcherian@dma-arch.com
Ara Yazedjian
Senior Architect, OAQ ayazedjian@dma-arch.com
Arnaud Baty
Graduate in architecture abaty@dma-arch.com
Bach Qui Tran
Senior Architectural Technologist btran@dma-arch.com
Bastien Gagné
Architectural Technologist, B. Sc. (Arch) bgagne@dma-arch.com
Bernard Jacques
Senior Architect, OAQ bjacques@dma-arch.com
Carine Lobo
Director of Communications clobo@dma-arch.com
Catherine Ayoub
Graduate in architecture cayoub@dma-arch.com
Christine Lacroix
Senior Architectural Technologist clacroix@dma-arch.com
Clothilde St-Pierre
Graphic designer cst-pierre@dma-arch.com
Colin J. Hanley
Architect, Partner, OAQ, OAA, PA LEED (BD+C) chanley@dma-arch.com
Céline Taing
Architect, OAQ ctaing@dma-arch.com
Daniel Olivier-Cividino
Graduate in architecture docividino@dma-arch.com
Daniil Cemschi
Technologist dcemschi@dma-arch.com
Diego Chiatante
Graduate in architecture, Green Associate LEED dchiatante@dma-arch.com
Dorianne Labbé
Technologist dlabbe@dma-arch.com
Elysha Madrid
Technologist emadrid@dma-arch.com
Evelyne Bourget
Technologist ebourget@dma-arch.com
Fabyola Ravenelle-Noël
Architect, OAQ fnoel@dma-arch.com
François Lemoine
Senior Architect, Partner, OAQ, OAA, PA LEED flemoine@dma-arch.com
Gabriel Payant
Architect, OAQ gpayant@dma-arch.com
Gabriela Alicia Sanchez Sosa
Graduate in architecture gsanchez@dma-arch.com
Geneviève Riopel
Architect, OAQ griopel@dma-arch.com
Hélène Fortin
Director of Administrative Services & Human Resources hfortin@dma-arch.com
Isabelle Almeida
Technologist ialmeida@dma-arch.com
Jean-Olivier Nadeau
Senior Architect, OAQ jonadeau@dma-arch.com
Jeremy Chui
Graduate in architecture jchui@dma-arch.com
Jonathan Roy
Technologist jroy@dma-arch.com
Jozef Zorko
Senior Architect, Partner, OAQ, OAA, AIA, CAHP, ACNBSIQ jzorko@dma-arch.com
Julie Webster
Architect, OAQ jwebster@dma-arch.com
Linh Tran
Assistant controller - Accounting ltran@dma-arch.com
Luc Boivin
Senior Architectural Technologist lboivin@dma-arch.com
Lucy Akopyan
Graduate in architecture lakopyan@dma-arch.com
Magalie Meunier
Architect, OAQ mmeunier@dma-arch.com
Maricarmen Coello
Graduate in architecture mcoello@dma-arch.com
Marie-Eve Labrie
Technologist mlabrie@dma-arch.com
Mélissa Laganière
Architect, OAQ mlaganiere@dma-arch.com
Olga Kerkhanidi
Philippe Ashby
Architect, Partner, OAQ pashby@dma-arch.com
Philippe Hébert
Architect, OAQ phebert@dma-arch.com
Razia Laribi
Executive Assistant rlaribi@dma-arch.com
Sahar El Harouaq
Accounting assistant sharouaq@dma-arch.com
Saima Subhani
Architect, OAQ ssubhani@dma-arch.com
Shona Bernier
Graduate in architecture sbernier@dma-arch.com
Sébastien Dubois
BIM Director, FDAI sdubois@dma-arch.com
Ted Markis
Senior Architect, OAQ tmarkis@dma-arch.com
Yves Sauriol
Architect, OAQ ysauriol@dma-arch.com
Zouheyr Denai
Graduate in architecture zdenai@dma-arch.com