Axcan Pharma

Client : Aptalis Pharma Year : 2004 Budget : 10.2 M$ Area : 6 317 square meters

Head office expansion

The new building has been constructed in such a way as to preserve and enhance the original building, while maintaining operations throughout the construction period.

The concept for the addition to Axcan Pharma's head office took into consideration the existing buildings while increasing the size of the production facilities and relocating the administrative offices as well as integrating new rental spaces.
The first phase was designed to easily implement a future second phase of expansion as well. The ventilation and heating systems were optimized for energy efficiency and to minimize the environmental impact as well as maintenance and operating costs.
The architectural intervention emphasized the new construction leaving the existing buildings to fade into the background. To give the new construction more presence, the addition was designed as a three-story building with the top two floors in the curtain wall and the ground floor, clad in masonry, serving as a base and connecting the addition to the principal façade of the existing building.
Photo credits : Michel Brunelle
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