Supreme Court of Canada

Client : Travaux Publics et Services Gouvernementaux Canada Year : 1995 Budget : 18 M$

Bringing the Supreme Court of Canada up to standard and refurbishing its library

To accommodate the program and facilitate access to the library, new public spaces have been created within the existing attic space.

Built in 1951, it was decided in the late 1980s to bring the building up to fire safety standards, replace the roof, make the building accessible to persons with reduced mobility and, above all, reorganize the library to accommodate more than 500,000 volumes and to ensure the preservation of the most important collection of civil and common law in Canada.
The library at the time of the construction of the building had been set up in the southern part of the third floor. Problems of accessibility and space have since made these spaces inadequate for a library of this importance.
The main objective was to find the necessary space to house the programme proposed by those responsible for its reorganisation, to give it a character in harmony with the nobility of the place and to integrate it into the functioning of the whole judicial complex with a direct relationship with the Great Hall of Honour on the ground floor.
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