Cours Le Royer

Client : Société immobilière du Cours Le Royer Year : 1982 Budget : 22 M$ Location : Montréal, QC

Transformation of former 19th century warehouses into housing and office space

Awards and Honours

1977 - National Award of Merit from Heritage Canada

This project marks the beginning of the recycling of industrial buildings into housing and office space that now characterizes the Old Montreal district.

The acquisition by the developer, Société Immobilière du Cours Le Royer, of several 19th century warehouse structures located in the historic district of Old Montreal coupled with the City of Montreal's approval to include the public Le Royer street within the project space, allowed for the possibility of grouping the existing structures in an integrated synergistic way to create a cohesive urban setting, with its own micro-climate and sense of place.
The buildings were recycled, and an underground parking garage was constructed beneath Le Royer Street, between St. Laurent and St. Sulpice streets. The ground level became a haven of peace and tranquility for the benefit of its residents. The project has a strong and attractive presence within this prized area of Old Montreal.
Le Cours le Royer became one of the most important and sought-after real estate developments in the sector with 220 residential units and 12 500 square metres of office space.
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