New Brunswick Museum

Consortium : DMA/Lundholm et Steen Knoor Client : Musée du Nouveau-Brunswick Year : 2005

Architectural competition for the relocation of the Provincial Museum

The proposed concept arranges the exhibition rooms around the original building in a succession of plateaus which reinforces the dominant position of the historic wing on the top of a promontory facing the city.

In 2005, DMA, in collaboration with Lundholm architects, was a finalist in the national architectural competition to relocate the various facilities of the New Brunswick Museum to a single location, the historic wing on Douglas Street in Saint John.

Special attention is paid to the sequence of visits to the exhibits according to the museological requirements of the program, and a continuous walkway is laid out on either side of a circulation axis parallel to the slope of the site and open to a spectacular view to the north, overlooking Marble Cove.
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