Former Pied-du-Courant prison

Client : Société des Alcools du Québec Year : 2003 Budget : 3.4 M$ Location : Montréal, QC

Construction of a guard cellar and a commemorative space for the Patriots on the historic site of the Old Pied-du-Courant Prison

At the Galerie du Gouverneur, located at the SAQ's head office in Le Pied du courant, the expansion project is entirely designed underground, covered by a lawn and accessible sidewalks, to reduce the architectural impact of the intervention with respect to the heritage context. Skylights are integrated into the landscaping to allow light to filter into the spaces.

The Governor's Gallery is an expansion project for the SAQ's head office, located on the classified historic monument site of the former Pied-du-Courant prison.
It includes, in common infrastructures, two independent sections: on the one hand, a space displaying the SAQ's guard cellar to visitors, while respecting optimal conservation standards; on the other hand, an exhibition room commemorating the rebellions of 1837-38.
In order to respect the heritage context of the site and to create new communications between the Governor's House and the head office, the concept proposes an underground structure, entirely covered by new landscaping.
This new structure involved the underpinning and consolidation of the existing foundations of the old prison. From the lawn that covers the project emerge two skylights that bring natural light into the underground spaces and give users a visual reference point to the outside by offering views of the old prison.
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