Client : Karrelex Year : 2022 Budget : 6 M$ Area : 1 250 square meters

Building and interior design

Our concept is based on a composition of heterogeneous volumes with different materiality.

The space created by the void in between the volumes offers a spacious and luminous entrance covered by a roof whose wood finish provides a welcoming appearance and a visual continuity between the interior and exterior.

After purchasing a site of the expanding industrial district of Blainville, we were mandated to build a two-storey office building for rental purposes and to accommodate the head office of Karrelex Réparation de Béton.
The architectural design was initiated by the development of a distinctive envelope with a refined materiality to meet the cities’ requirements as well as the client’s vision to attract a high-end market as the planning of the interior spaces by means of renderings and layout concepts.
Our proposal offers three suites each with generous and bright workspaces. All suites have their own warehouse with access to a loading dock. The concept consists of the juxtaposition of independent industrial rental spaces designed to provide opportunities to develop relationships through shared common spaces.
The main volume, glazed on the entire height of the building, offers a unique access to the building. The entrance opens onto a collaborative workspace which includes a café-lounge and a variety of spaces to foster exchanges between tenants, but also a flexible space that can accommodate occasional events.

Immediately upon entering the building, the common spaces acts as a welcoming transition towards the suites providing both an opportunity to socialize as well as views and natural light for the offices spaces.
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