The Biosphère - Environment Museum

Client : A.M.A.R.C. Year : 1994 Budget : 6.5 M$

Architectural competition for the transformation of the former United States Pavilion at Expo 67

Awards and Honours

1995 - OAQ Award of Excellence

1992 - Winner of the multidisciplinary concept proposal competition

Designed following the metaphor of the ship in a bottle, the building is inserted into Richard Buckminster Fuller's famous geodesic sphere.

Winner of a multidisciplinary competition, this mandate originally consisted of inserting an Environmental Monitoring Centre into the structures of the former United States Pavilion built for Expo '67 and abandoned since 1976.
In addition to implementing ICOMOS principles in the enhancement of the architectural heritage, the project applied the principles of environmentally responsible design as early as 1992 by introducing a range of technical choices of systems and materials now considered among the cornerstones of sustainable architecture and construction. DMA was also mandated in 2007 and 2009 to develop a Master Plan for the development of the Facilities.
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