Client : Polytechnique Year : 2021 Budget : 200 M$

Strategic plan for the redevelopment of the Polytechnique on the Mount Royal campus

In a sustainable vision of integration with the Mount Royal site, the proposed project allows Polytechnique Montréal to densify its location while increasing the area of green space.

In 2018, DMA has been mandated by Polytechnique Montréal to explore the functional reorganization of its campus consisting of three distinct and autonomous pavilions.
DMA proposes an extension consisting of vast spaces for exchange and student life that will link the different pavilions and correct major problems of traffic and accessibility for pedestrians and vehicles.
Entirely underground, the proposed building is part of a vision of greening the site and is completely integrated into its topography, while creating, for pedestrians, an outdoor walkway linking the City to Mount Royal Park.
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