National film board of Canada

Client : Office national du film Year : 2009 Location : Montréal, QC

Functional and technical program

The mandate, carried out jointly with CIM, was for the project to consolidate NFB spaces in Montreal with a view to relocating to downtown Montreal. It involved defining the TFP to modernize and update the facilities in accordance with the NFB's new technological environment.

The mandate, undertaken in joint venture with CIM, was for a project to consolidate the NFB's Montreal facilities with the intention of relocating to downtown Montreal. The objective of the mandate was to develop a Functional and Technical Program to modernize the installations to better reflect the new technological environment in which the NFB operates.
The consolidation of their spaces necessitated a critical analysis of the existing spaces within the framework of the NFB's strategic plan for the production, conservation and distribution of audiovisual works. The resulting program was able to reduce the space requirements from 15 600m2 to 8950m2 while improving the functionality thereof. About 45% of the total is dedicated to spaces having specific requirements for conditions such as interior climate, acoustic, lighting or IT considerations.
One of the challenges was to incorporate in a logical and creative way the Government of Canada's Fit-Up Standards. The study was conducted in collaboration with key personnel from the NFB, with a multidisciplinary team of consultants specializing in the various fields outlined in the program.
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