Collège Montmorency

Consortium : LLA + DMA Client : Collège Montmorency Year : 2013 Budget : 5.7 M$ Area : 14 000 square meters

Interior spaces planning for Collège Montmorency

The program provided more floor space within the existing building without allowing for any expansion of the envelope.

The project addressed several programmatic functions specific to a college institution. The sequence of interventions made it possible to integrate the temporary relocation of sectors without ever interrupting academic activities.
The first phase includes the redevelopment of the student services office space and the construction of new classrooms as well as the construction of a new steel structure for the interior expansion of the library located above. The second concerns the refurbishment of the library and the modernization of the chemistry and biology laboratories. The third is the renovation of the kitchen, cafeteria and physics laboratories. Finally, the last one involves the renovation of the student agora, which has been transformed into an adaptable and versatile space.
The proposed concept is based on a desire to clearly identify spaces in different zones by introducing bright colours and large lettering for easy and intuitive orientation and location.
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