Faculty of Dentistry - Prosthodontics

Client : Université de Montréal Year : 2019 Budget : 3 M$ Area : 1 000 square meters Location : Montréal, QC

Renovation and redevelopment of the pedodontics and prosthodontics clinics at Pavillon Roger-Gaudry of the Université de Montréal

Awards and Honours

2021 - Grands Prix du Design - Bronze Winner - Higher Education & Research Building

The project made it possible to transform and renew an existing space located in the heart of Roger-Gaudry Hall, without ever compromising educational activities and student life.

The pedodontic and prosthodontic clinics are located on level 1 of the emblematic Roger-Gaudry heritage pavilion of the Université de Montréal. The layout of the existing spaces was not very functional and no longer met the standards imposed by the Commission on Dental Accreditation, the body responsible for accrediting dental training programs. The spaces were therefore completely redesigned, and a new concept was put in place to create private areas for each of the dental chairs while allowing clinical professors to have an overview of each of the clinics.
The integration of custom-made furniture for the dispensaries, the selection of new finishes and an adapted choice of colouring has made it possible to create a new dynamic and stimulating environments for learning.
The pedodontic clinic has 8 open-space dental stations, 1 closed room and a new multifunctional meeting room, while the prosthodontic clinic has 15 new dental stations and a new laboratory for student use.
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