Polytechnique main pavilion

Client : Polytechnique Year : 2018 Budget : 9.4 M$ Area : 2 700 square meters Location : Montréal, QC

Major renovations and refurbishment of physical and chemical engineering research laboratories

This expansion from the inside allows for the creation of value, without enlarging the exterior envelope, while respecting the heritage context of the site.

In the main pavilion, built in 1957, we have fitted out the research laboratories for several research chairs in chemical, mechanical and physical engineering. At the same time, Polytechnique is modernizing the mechanical and electrical infrastructure of the main pavilion to meet its needs over the next 40 to 50 years.
These interventions involved the renovation of several research laboratories with laboratory furniture, gas cabinets and chemical fume hoods, as well as teaching laboratories, storage rooms for hazardous products and mechanical rooms. They also required the refitting of several professors' offices, the demolition and construction of staircases, the construction of new corridors to modify the routes to emergency exits deemed non-compliant and the installation of evacuation systems on the roof.
Although they are limited, since the building is located on Mount Royal, all exterior interventions were submitted for approval by representatives of the city, the borough's CCU, and the Ministère de la Culture (MCCC). The interventions were structurally delicate and represented an implementation risk since the project aimed to enlarge the underground spaces, by excavation in the rock and underpinning, with the objective of concealing the electromechanical infrastructure that the heritage status of the building and its position on Mount Royal did not allow to be installed on the roof or on the rear facade.
Photo credits : Yves Lacombe
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