Meunerie Adréus-Bonnier

Consortium : DMA/BFH Client : Société de développement des entreprises culturelles (SODEC) Year : 2017 Budget : 650 000 $

Renovation, interior refurbishment and upgrading of the Adréus-Bonnier mill

The heritage value of the mill is high because of its historical content and its extremely rare massing, the shape of its roof and turret.

The Adréus-Bonnier mill is located in the village of Saint-Denis-sur-Richelieu was built in 1940 by reusing some materials from a barn located on the property. The building is adjacent to the Jean-Baptiste-Mâsse house, which dates back to 1809 and is better known today as the Maison nationale des Patriotes.
In 1977, the Ministry of Culture designated the entire site as a classified heritage site because of the historical importance of the role that Mr. Mâsse played during the events of 1837. SODEC became the owner and transformed the buildings into a historical museum in memory of the patriots.
The intervention consisted in converting the basement into an archive and documentation centre, and then converting part of the ground floor into offices and meeting rooms for those in charge of the Maison nationale des Patriotes. The exterior gallery was rebuilt and renovations to the building's siding were also required.
The lighting has been replaced to integrate scenographic elements for conferences and exhibitions. The project required the addition of sprinkler fire protection throughout the building for the long-term protection of the building. Since most of the attic space and the large meeting room are unheated and uninsulated, a dry sprinkler system was installed, and the ducts were coordinated to integrate with the exposed structure.
Photo credits : Yves Lacombe
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