Jean-Brillant pavilion

Client : Université de Montréal Year : 2016 Budget : 2.6 M$ Location : Montréal, QC

New entrance and redevelopment of classrooms

The project, more than an exit stairway, is a major transformation of the southeast façade of the Pavilion.

The University of Montreal led, in 2009, a code compliance study on the Pavilion located at 3200 Jean-Brillant; it quickly became clear that the building was suffering from a deficiency in exiting capacity. Following this study, DMA developed numerous options, accompanied by construction costs estimates, leading to solutions.
In addition to increasing the exit capacity of the building, the project aims to visually integrate the exit staircase to the existing building as well as to the mountain environment. The staircase consists of two stairs, sharing the same space, in a glass case in cantilever above the footpath.
This volumetric conception required close coordination between DMA and structural engineers, to create an elegant composition while minimizing construction costs for the client. Furthermore, the many connections between materials, whether existing or new, were all opportunities for DMA to stand out in its attention to details.
Photo credits : Stéphan Poulin, Yves Lacombe, DMA architectes
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