400 Atlantic

Client : Allied Properties REIT Year : 2021 Area : 8 129 square meters

Redevelopment and window replacement

Awards and Honours

2022 - Opération Patrimoine - Grand Prize

The interventions carried out modernize the building to improve its performance and the quality of its spaces while enhancing the historical character of this landmark located in an emerging sector of the city.

Built between 1919 and 1920, the 400 Atlantic is located near the University of Montreal's science campus in the Outremont district, in the historical industrial area adjacent to the railway tracks. This building by its form and its history constitutes an icon in its environment.
In a context of preservation and redevelopment of this 10-storey building, Allied, its owner, wished to propose new and stimulating living and working environments in this building of traditional industrial architecture with such a distinct form.
Initiated by the need to add a new electrical power supply room, the project also includes the replacement of all original windows (approx. 300), the installation of a central air conditioning system on the roof with an acoustic and visual screen and finally, concrete and masonry repairs of the building  envelope.
Dating back to the construction of the building, the steel windows with small panels very characteristic of the industrial constructions of that time were in very poor condition. These windows are replaced with new energy efficient  insulated glass windows integrating muntins of the original dimensions and geometry to recreate the glass pane effect with black divisions.

All these interventions aim at making this building more energy efficient while respecting its historical industrial aspect.
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